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Ring Builder Customizations

Can I have my ring crafted in two tone metal?

Yes you can! Please reach out to us with your order number and we'll handle the rest.

Can I add an engraving to my ring?

Yes, we can engrave your engagement ring with up to 15 characters. Please provide your order number, desired engraving, and preferred font through our contact page

Can I order my ring in a quarter size?

Absolutely! We can craft your ring in quarter sizes. Please contact a sales representative with your size request

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Do you ship internationally?

We do support International shipping. Local state and federal taxes will fall upon the responsibility of the importer.

Prices are reflected in USD until the item is added to the cart.

Can I get my order faster?

At this time, we do not offer expedited services on our jewelry. If it is an emergency, reach out to one of our sales representatives to see how we may be able to accommodate.

Do you require a signature upon delivery?

Yes, all orders require a signature.

What should I do if my package seems lost?

Clairamor will offer a refund to any order that is deemed lost. Please reach out to one of our representatives to begin the process. Before the refund it processed, we must go through the shipping company’s insurance. This may take up to 12 days.

Can you ship my package to be held for pickup?

Yes, all of our orders can be scheduled for pickup. However, this must be done through the shipping provider.

Does anything on the box indicate what is inside?

Our shipping comes in a discrete box. There is the return address and Clairamor printed on the label, there is no way for us to remove this.

Are your shipments fully insured?

Yes, your package is fully insured while in transit. If you experience any issue with the delivery of your package, please reach out to one of our representatives.

Diamonds FAQ

What are the 4C’s?

Follow the in-depth explanation of the 4’Cs here.

The 4C’s is a universal grading for all diamonds. As an overview, the 4C’s stand for: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut.

Color is represented on a D-Z scale, D representing colorless and Z showing light yellow.

Clarity refers to the inclusions and blemishes, or lack thereof, in the diamond. This is graded on a scale of (FL)-(I). FL is the rarest, or flawless diamond, the latter standing for included, or have inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Cut of a diamond refers to the diamond’s ability to reflect light. There are a couple of ways to judge the light reflection of a stone. There are many technical measurements taken to judge the grade of the cut. This scale groups stones between poor to excellent cut.

Carat measures the total weight of a diamond. One carat Is equal to 200 milligrams. All other grading be held the same, the price of a diamond increase when the carat weight increases. This is not the only grade that reflects the price. Two diamonds of the same carat weight can have very different prices depending on the color, clarity, and cut.

How do I choose the right diamond color?

There are two main factors when choosing the color of a stone. The first thing to consider is the metal color of your ring. If you are choosing a ring with yellow or rose gold, it is much harder to notice the color of the stone that you are choosing. Setting a J-K-colored stone will not stick out as it will blend with the color of the gold in the setting.

On the other hand, if you choose a white gold setting, the color of the stone will be much more noticeable. For white gold, it is recommended to pick a diamond with a better color grading. It is also important to note that G-H colors are very difficult to differentiate from D-F colors, these stones look colorless, giving you better value.

Can I put a diamond on hold?

Yes! Please reach out to one of our representatives on how to remove a diamond from the website to place on hold.

How can I get a diamond that is not in your inventory?

If you cannot find the diamond that you are looking for, it may be in the process of being uploaded to the website. Please reach out to one of our representatives to see what we can do for you.

Can I upgrade my diamond?

We offer a lifetime upgrade policy. Please reference our upgrading policy here.

How does price match guarantee work?

At Diamors, we offer a price match guarantee. If you are able to find a legitimate online retailer offering a stone at a lower price than ours, we will beat their price. To qualify for the price match, all 4’Cs, including the diamond shape must be the same. Please reach out to an associate to see if the stone you found qualifies. View our price match guarantee here.

How do you grade your diamonds?

All of our lab stone diamonds are sent to IGI or GIA for the same rigorous grading as mined diamonds.

What is a sustainable diamond?

A sustainable diamond is a lab grown diamond, read more about lab grown diamonds here.

Ordering and Payment

Can I speak to a representative on the phone?

Yes! Our representatives are available between 8-5pm PST. You are also able to reach us through our email or live chat. Click here to be linked to our contact us page.

Can you gift wrap my order?

Yes, we offer gift wrapping and jewelry boxes on all of our orders. Please reach out to a representative here specifying you would like to receive your order gift-wrapped.

How fast are orders processed?

Orders take 2-4 weeks to process, depending on the time and type of order.

My order confirmation came with an estimated ship date, is that date accurate?

This confirmation date is accurate. We will update you if your order is shipped before the estimated date.

How long does “made to order” take?

Made-to-order takes about two to three weeks to be finished. We use next day air for domestic orders. International orders can take anywhere from 3-5 days. This estimate does not include the time to clear customs.

Are your prices flexible?

We offer the best prices on the market at any given time, our prices listed on our website are the set price and are not flexible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer all major payment methods.

Can I buy from you if I live outside the United States?

International orders are supported for specific countries. We do typically ask that you cover our cost of shipping. Please reach out to a customer service representative if you have more questions.

Home Viewing

How does the sample viewing work?

Our home viewing process is very simple and allows you to see your ring in person, for free, before proceeding with any purchases. Simply select up to two rings and have them delivered to you with two-day shipping. You can take your ring out, show it to your friends, and get opinions before making a purchase.

Do you charge for the home preview?

No, the home viewing is completely free of charge. After placing a sample ring order, a $100 hold per ring will be placed on your card. Once the rings are received, the hold is removed from your card. A $100 fee will be charged if the ring is damaged beyond repair or lost.

What is a sample ring?

A sample ring is made to replicate your engagement ring. There are synthetic diamonds and replica gold used to give you the feel of what the finished product will be like.

Can I extend my home preview?

Yes, we offer an extended home preview. If you need more time to make your decision, please reach out to one of our representatives to let us know.

How many preview rings can I order?

We currently offer a limit of two preview rings. If you’re having trouble, reach out to one of our style representatives to help pick something tailored to you!

Free Returns

What is your return policy?

Our goal is to offer a ring that goes beyond your satisfaction. We offer a thirty day return window on our rings, after thirty days, all sales are final. If you purchased a loose diamond, the window for returns is 14 days. Any altered or misused jewelry is not eligible for a refund. If you decide to return your first purchase, the second ring will not be eligible to be returned. After six months, any new purchases on jewelry will be able to be returned. All refunds will be processed within ten days of being received. To view our full return policy, please click here.

Can I just exchange my setting?

Yes, you will have to send the ring back as a whole. We will unset the stone, and place it in a new ring. A setting fee of $100 may apply.

When can I expect a refund?

Refunds are processed within ten days business days of us receiving the ring.

Having trouble initiating a return on our side?

If you are having trouble initiating a return, please reach out to one of our representatives to help you with the process.


Does my purchase include a warranty?

Click here to learn about our warranties.

What is the warranty of my diamond?

Click here to learn about our diamond warranty

My ring broke, how do I have it replaced?

Please reach out to our support email, including a few photos, a short video, and a description of how the damage occurred. Click here to learn more about our warranties.

Can I have my Clairamor piece engraved, resized or repaired by a local jeweler?

You can have your ring resized, repaired, or engraved by another jeweler. However, this will void the warranty with us because we cannot promise the work of another jeweler.

Ring Resizing

Can I resize my ring?

Yes, we offer one complementary ring resizing for our clients located in the USA.

I have resized my ring before, can I do it again?

Wedding and engagement rings can be resized one time after purchase. These rings are able to be sized up or down one size. Please reach out to our support email to begin the ring resizing process. Include your order number, the ring size you need, and current shipping address.


What are these stamps on my design?

These stamps are a requirement from the FTC. These show the quality or karat of the gold that was used.

Can I have the Clairamor logo removed from ring

The Clairamor Logo can be removed. However, we are required by law to stamp the metal purity and LG (Lab Grown) inside the ring.

Can you send me a video of a stone in natural light?

Yes! We do ask to limit this to only one stone viewing.

Do you offer custom design?

Yes, please reach out to one of our representatives or book a live appointment to begin the custom process. We will get back to you within a day with a quote and CAD design after you approve and pay an initial deposit. Book your appointment with a diamond specialist here.

What is your diamond upgrade policy?

View our diamond upgrade policy here.

How can I insure my jewelry?

Please reach out to a customer representative here, to learn how to insure your jewelry piece.

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