Experience the Luxury: At-Home Ring Preview

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At Clairamor, choosing the perfect engagement ring is meant to be luxurious and unforgettable. Our at-home ring preview service lets you experience our beautifully crafted designs comfortably at home. Additionally, for a closer examination, opt for a 3D printed wax model of your chosen ring, available within 48 hours for just an extra $15 USD to cover second-day air shipping. This allows you to review a precise replica before finalizing your choice.

How It Works: Your Step-By-Step Guide for Sample Rings

  1. Browse and Choose: Dive into our exquisite collection and select up to two sample rings that resonate with your vision.
  2. Request a Preview: Using our streamlined process, request your chosen rings for at-home viewing.
  3. Inspect and Reflect: Once they arrive, take your time to examine the rings, get feedback from loved ones, and visualize your forever.
  4. Return and Reflect: Use the provided prepaid shipping label to safely send back the sample rings.
  5. Make Your Decision: After your at-home experience, choose the ring that captivates your heart and proceed to purchase.

Disclaimer: Please note that the stones used in our sample rings are pre-cut and may not precisely represent the exact size of the center stone in the finished ring. These samples are intended to give you a feel for the design and fit. For specific details about stone sizes and options, please contact us directly.

How It Works: 3D Printed Wax Model Preview

1. Contact a Sales Representative: Begin by reaching out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to discuss the ring style you are interested in. This initial step ensures that we understand your preferences and requirements.

2. Provide Ring Details: During your consultation, provide the ring size and the stock number for the stone you've chosen. This information is crucial as it allows us to create an accurate computer model of your ring.

3. Modeling and Printing: Once we have all the necessary details, our team will promptly start the computer modeling process. We aim to begin the 3D printing of your wax model by the next day, ensuring a quick turnaround.

4. Shipping Your Model: After the wax model is carefully crafted, it will be sent to you via second-day insured air shipping. This allows you to physically evaluate the design and feel of the ring, making your decision-making process as informed and comfortable as possible.

Indulge in Choice: Selecting Your Dream Ring

Our collection is a blend of tradition and innovation. From timeless classics to contemporary wonders, every piece tells a story. While you're limited to two preview rings, our style representatives are always at your service to guide you, ensuring that the rings you select for viewing mirror your dream ring.

Relax and Reflect: The 3-Day Home Viewing Experience

Choosing an engagement ring is an intimate affair. Our 3-day home viewing experience grants you the liberty to relax, reflect, and envision a future with your chosen ring, without the hustle and pressure of a retail environment. And if you crave more time? Just let us know, and we'll extend your preview period.

Peace of Mind: Secure and Free Shipping Details

We understand the importance of trust. Our two-day shipping ensures that your sample rings reach you promptly. Packaged securely and accompanied by a prepaid return shipping label, your at-home viewing experience is designed to be hassle-free from start to finish.

Your Deposit: Simple and Refundable

While we don't charge for the preview service, a $100 hold per ring is placed on your card to ensure the care and return of our replicas. This deposit is refunded upon the rings' return, and in the rare case of loss or damage, a minimal fee applies, keeping the process transparent and straightforward.

Craftsmanship Close-Up: What Makes Our Replica Rings Special

Each sample ring is a testament to our commitment to quality and artistry. Crafted with synthetic diamonds and replica gold, they mirror the final product's aesthetics and feel. By presenting you with a near-authentic experience, we want you to be absolutely certain of your final choice.


From Preview to Purchase: Seamless Transition

Once you've savored the at-home viewing experience and have your heart set on a ring, the transition to purchase is fluid. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your journey from preview to possession is seamless.

Ready to Begin? Start Your At-Home Preview Journey Today

Take the first step towards discovering your perfect ring. With Clairamor's at-home preview, you're not just choosing a ring; you're embracing an experience. Dive into our collection, select your favorites, and let the magic unfold in the cozy confines of your home.