Ring Sizing

Selecting a ring size for your partner doesn't have to be a headache, even if it is for a surprise. Read the guide below to better understand how to get a perfect fit.

How To Measure Your Ring Size

A properly fitting ring should slide over the knuckle and fit snugly on your finger, with a bit of friction. An ideal fit has a small amount of friction when removing the ring, if it comes off without any effort at all, it is probably too loose.

There are a few different methods to find someone’s ring size, depending on how you choose to go about your proposal. If you are looking to have a surprise proposal, try these to find the correct fit.

  • Use the "Ring Sizer by Jason Withers ©" App: Easily determine the correct ring size by downloading this app. Simply place any ring on your iPhone screen and adjust the slider to match the ring’s diameter for an accurate size reading.

  • Request a Complimentary Ring Sizer Post-Purchase: Unsure about the size? Place your order and reach out to us; we'll send a physical ring sizer for free to confirm the perfect fit before finalizing your ring’s size.

  • You could look at the rings that they currently wear. If they have one that they wear over their ring finger, you can measure the diameter of the ring and use an online conversion to find the ring size.

  • You could also take this ring to a jeweler for confirmation or buy a ring mandrel for an accurate at-home measurement.

  • If they have rings but not for their ring finger, it is possible to use the same diameter measuring as above, but be prepared to have the ring resized after the proposal.

  • If these methods aren’t available, you could select an average ring size and be prepared to resize it after the engagement.

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Our Recommendations for Sizing

We highly recommend using the "Ring Sizer by Jason Withers ©" app for a quick and accurate measurement of your ring size directly from your iPhone. This convenient method allows you to measure an existing ring by simply placing it on your screen and adjusting the slider. Alternatively, after placing your order, you can request a complimentary physical ring sizer from us to ensure your new ring fits perfectly. These methods are designed to provide a precise fit from the comfort of your home. Additionally, for those who prefer a more traditional approach, you can always visit a local jewelry store to have your finger sized professionally. Each of these options ensures that you find the ideal ring size for a comfortable and perfect fit.

Printing your own ring sizer

1. Print the ring sizer from this download link, make sure the page is set to 100%.

2. The ring sizer should measure to approximately 3 ½ inches. If the sizer isn't printed incorrectly the results will be inaccurate.

3. Cut out the ring sizer and snip along the vertical line.

4. Insert the pointy tip into the ring sizer.

5. Place the paper ring sizer around the finger you are measuring, pulling the pointy end until you have a secure, comfortable fit.

6. Measure your ring size by reading the number that meets the slit.

7. For a more accurate ring size measurement, repeat steps 4-6 a few times.

Things to consider

  • If you're stuck between two ring sizes, choose the larger size. It's better to have the ring fit loosely than to struggle getting it over the knuckle.
  • Wider rings tend to run smaller, therefore a slightly larger size is required.
  • Avoid measuring the finger on extremely hot days, or early in the morning, Fingers tend to be a bit more swollen under these conditions
  • The average engagement ring size for women is 6-7, while for men, it is size 9

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What if my ring doesn't fit?

Reach out to one of our representatives, one free ring resizing is included in the warranty of every ring purchase. The ring can only be sized up or down 1 US size. If the sizing needed is more than that, the center stone may need to be reset. The one complementary resizing is only available for clients located in the USA. Please refer to our FAQ for more about our complementary resizing here.