Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

We hold a forever promise on the quality and craftsmanship of jewelry that we manufacture. Clairamor offers a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects on all jewelry that we sell.

If you notice damage to your piece of jewelry, please reach out to one of our representatives so we may evaluate your piece. A $50 deposit will be taken before the shipment of your item back for Clairamor evaluation. This deposit covers the fee of shipping and evaluation from our team to see if the jewelry piece qualifies for our warranty. This fee will be refunded in full if your jewelry piece is covered. If your jewelry is not a manufacturing defect but is repairable, we will send the quote for the repair cost. If you approve, we will apply the deposit, repair the jewelry, and send it back to you. If you decide to not go forward with the repair, we will send the jewelry piece back to you, applying the deposit to the evaluation fee and shipping.

If a warranty is found to be a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the damaged item without charge.

This warranty does not apply to the replacement of a center stone, Our lifetime warranty does not cover wear and tear, discoloration from chemicals, makeup, or immersion in pools, hot tubs, or bathing. Precious metals, especially prongs wear down over time, and may require restoration work as a part of normal wear. Another example not qualified as a manufacturing defect Is prongs catching, wearing out, or bending over time due to everyday wearing or normal damage, allowing stones to fall out.

Because we stand behind our work, we cannot offer a warranty to other jewelers or third parties who have worked on the ring. Any work done by a third party will void the warranty.

To make sure your jewelry is eligible for warranty, please make sure the ring and diamond have not been exposed to harmful conditions or unreasonable force. Secondly, the ring needs to have been stored and handled correctly. An altered, abused, or incorrectly cleaned ring is not eligible for repair within the warranty. The ring needs to be in the possession of the original purchaser, as the warranty Is not transferable.