How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Know the insides and out of engagement rings with our guides

Set a Budget

Start your engagement ring search with looking though our diamond and setting options. These are priced separately, you may choose to place more money in to either the setting or the diamond. You can use price filters to manage and stay within your budget.

Choose a diamond shape

There are different diamond shapes that can fit different styles and tastes. It is important to have an idea of what your end goal is. Are you looking for a traditional piece or something more avant-garde? Do you want something bold or minimalist? Do you have an idea about the setting that the ring is going into? Does this shape match the vibe of the ring? These are all something you should look into to find the diamond shape that’s the right fit for you.

Learn about diamond shapes

Understand the 4C's

When choosing a diamond, the 4C’s are a great place to start. It is a universal diamond grade that groups diamonds by their cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors determine the diamonds overall value and appearance.

4C's of Diamond Grading


The first C stands for cut. Cut of a diamond refers to to the diamond’s ability to reflect light. There are many technical measurements taken to judge the grade of the cut. This scale groups stones between poor to excellent cut. The overall cut of the stone will affect the brilliance, or sparkle of the diamond.


The second C is color. This is a grade between D-Z. (D) representing colorless, and (Z) representing light yellow. The better color grade, the rarer and more valuable a diamond is. Many try to find colorless or near-colorless for their engagement ring


The third C stands for clarity, this refers to the visual blemishes the diamond may have. This is graded on a scale from flawless to included. Flawless diamonds are the rarest, therefore more valuable than diamonds that have slight inclusions.


The last C is carat. Carat is the calculation of the weight of the stone. This is not to be confused with size. Some diamond shapes appear to be larger than others with the same carat weight. The higher the carat weight, the more valuable the stone.

Picking an Engagement Ring Setting

The setting is where the diamond will be set into. This is the actual ring itself. There are thousands of ring designs out there. Choosing between these is all based on the type of personal preference and taste you have. Also, a halo style ring will add more sparkle, and allow the stone to appear larger, even with lower carat weight.If you have any questions, reach out to one of our representatives or book an appointment now.

Picking a Metal Type

Metal type should be chosen based on personal preference, however, it is important to take these details into consideration when making your choice.

Metal Types

Yellow Gold

This most accurately depicts pure gold and is the most classic setting color. This gold is better for people with warmer skin tones. This type of gold is also better at hiding a lower grade of diamond color.

White Gold

White gold engagement rings provide a contemporary and elegant feel, perfect for those seeking a modern and chic look. The 18k solid white gold is a great choice to showcase the brilliance of colorless diamonds.

Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings bring a touch of romance and femininity to any design, with 14k solid rose gold being an ideal choice for those who want to mix and match with other metal colors or wear it on its own.


Platinum engagement rings are prized for their unparalleled shine and strength, making them a great choice for those seeking a durable and luxurious option.

How to Find Your Ring Size

The most accurate way to find your ring size is by going to a professional. However, there are a few different ways to measure the diameter of a ring. The two most convenient ways are to print out a ring sizer or to measure a ring that fits well already.

How to Pair a Wedding Ring

There is much personal preference that goes into wedding rings. However, some wedding bands fit better with certain engagement rings. Traditionally, the metal color is the same, but this can be up to your decision. After you decide on metal, it's on to pick the wedding ring.

Classic wedding rings are either solid bands, pave, or eternity style. Solid bands and pave are able to sit flush with the engagement ring, giving a more fluid look. These pair best with round or oval shapes.

Eternity bands are also very popular but may not sit flush with the engagement ring. Changes can be made to the width of the band or height of the head to achieve this look. These pair best with square-shaped diamonds.

Curved wedding bands work particularly well with fancy diamond shapes.

These should be paired with their matching band to have the best look.
It is also important to factor in the width of the wedding and engagement ring. Having mismatched width will not sit well next to each other. If you have questions, book an appointment or reach out to one of our jewelry representatives.

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