Price Match Guarantee

Price match guarantee

Clairamor has the commitment to put the customer first. Our values are solely based on ethics and sustainability. Coming from a jewelry wholesale background, we are looking to change the perspective that people have on the industry. The diamond industry has had years of poor business practices, we are here to make the process easy and transparent. With our price match guarantee, you can shop confidently knowing that what you see is the best offer on the market.

This is just one of the ways we put the customer first. If you find another US retailer offering a lab grown stone at a better price, our promise is to match it. Please reach out to one of our representatives here, to see if you qualify.

Qualifications for price match

In order for a diamond to be price matched, it must be a loose stone. This is important to note, we cannot offer to price match a ring, because there are many factors that affect the overall price. All of our jewelry is handcrafted to be a special family heirloom. Differences in style, gold and carat weight, dimensions and the process in which it was created all change the outcome of the price.

Price match terms and conditions

• Price match guarantee is available for loose diamonds only. Diamonds you choose to be set into a setting are available for price match review.

• The price offered on the loose stone must be available to all, diamond marketplace sites that offer an average of listed stones are not eligible for price match.

• The certificate number must be a direct match.

• The two lab stones must have the same carat weight, cut, color, and
clarity, as well as shape. Our representatives will have some discretion of whether the diamonds are comparable.

• The price match guarantee must be submitted before the purchase with us. We are not able to accept a request after. There is no partial refund that may be applied after a purchase is made.

• For a request to be made, you must provide a link to the competitor’s diamond. Please make price match requests from our contact us page.

• The diamond must be from a legitimate certified retailer and not an individual or private seller. The price match guarantee is not eligible for commercial or wholesale use.

• A unique or individual sale lab grown diamond is not eligible for a price match guarantee.

• The lower price must be offered at the time that your request is being verified by Clairamor. We will no accept expired offers or prices.

• Pricing of competitors’ diamonds must be in USD

• The competitor’s diamonds must be available for purchase at the time of comparison and must be in stock

• Special promotions by the competitor such as rebates, gift cards, bundled products, and “buy one, get one” offers are not eligible for the price match guarantee.

• The price match guarantee cannot be combined with any influencer or affiliate partner offers including offers, coupons, loyalty, rebate, or reward partnerships.

• The price match evaluation by our agents may take up to three business days. Customers will be informed of the decision, and should the price match be awarded. A one-time coupon code matching the price will be issued via email