Diamond Shape Guide: Choosing the Perfect Form for your Engagement Ring

When embarking on the exciting journey of diamond buying, one of the most significant decisions you'll make is choosing the diamond shape. The shape of a diamond is not just a style choice, it is a representation of your personal aesthetic and style, making it one of the most immediately identifiable features.

At Clairamor, we cater to diverse tastes by carrying the three most popular diamond shapes: oval, emerald, and round brilliant diamonds. Each shape boasts its unique charm and appeal. Oval diamonds radiate an elongated elegance, emerald-cut diamonds showcase the serene beauty of the step cut, and round brilliants capture the most sparkle, thanks to their unrivaled brilliance and fire.

That said, the diamond universe expands beyond these three shapes. From the vintage allure of the Asscher cut diamonds to the distinct modernity of princess cut diamonds and the asymmetrical charm of pear cut diamonds or marquise cut diamonds, there's an entire world of fancy shape diamonds waiting to be discovered. If your heart is set on a diamond shape not currently featured in our inventory, our dedicated team will go the extra mile to secure the best possible deal on the market for you.

Understanding the Difference Between Diamond Shape and Diamond Cut

While the terms 'diamond shape' and 'diamond cut' are often used interchangeably, they refer to different characteristics.

Diamond shape denotes the physical, external geometry of the diamond. Whether it's a round brilliant or a radiant cut diamond, the shape is what catches your eye from afar. It dictates the overall look of your diamond engagement ring and is primarily a matter of personal preference.

On the other hand, the diamond cut delves deeper, referring to how well the diamond has been cut from its rough state. Factors like facet arrangement, symmetry, and proportions fall under this. It's the diamond cut that influences the light performance, producing the stunning sparkle we love about diamonds. The diamond cut quality is what determines the level of brilliance (white light reflection), fire (flashing colors), and scintillation (sparkle effect when the diamond is moved) - this is part of the 4C’s that your diamond is graded on.

Choosing the right diamond shape and cut is integral to finding a diamond that not only looks beautiful but also performs brilliantly under light. As you explore the world of diamond shapes and cuts, remember that the best choice is one that reflects your style and resonates with you. Whether you're captivated by the regal beauty of an emerald cut or drawn to the romantic charm of an oval diamond, your choice of diamond shape is a powerful way to personalize your engagement ring.

Timeless diamond shapes

1. Round Brilliant

One of the most well-known and sought-after diamond shapes is the round brilliant. Its excellent proportions return a lot of fire, sparkle, and scintillation from its 57 facets. There are many different types of engagement rings that feature the round brilliant's lyrical curves, which complete a full circle to represent eternal love.

2. Emerald Shaped

The emerald cut diamond is a beautiful diamond shape distinguished by its rectangular shape, trimmed corners, and step-like facets. One of the first diamond shapes, it is adored for its crisp, angular lines. The ideal length-to-width ratio is 1.35-1.65; however, ratios between 1.25 and 1.75 are also thought to be acceptable. Find the ideal hue and clarity for your emerald diamond with the help of a diamond specialist to make it shine as brightly as the stars.

3. Oval shaped

A longer interpretation of the round brilliant is the oval. This lovely cut provides a diamond with considerable brilliance and fire if it is properly proportioned. In comparison to a round brilliant with the same carat weight, the oval shape has a higher surface area. It might appear bigger while displaying the same amount of fire and brilliance.

4. Assher shaped

Asscher diamonds are a fascinating example in the popularity of diamond shapes. Asscher diamonds were invented in 1902, but they weren't widely used until the 1920s. Gem cutters have unveiled an updated Asscher with 74 facets and significantly more brightness. Consider an Asscher diamond if you're looking for a distinctive diamond shape that you won't often see on a person's finger.

5. Princess shaped

The princess cut is the most common style of fancy cut diamond, with a square form and pointed corners. It was created in 1979 by one of the master cutters and combines the timeless beauty of a diamond with the contemporary allure of sharp edges. Strong, pointed diamonds that were made in a lab, with a crisp cut that enhances fire and scintillation.

6. Cushion shaped

Because of this, the cushion cut diamond is considered to be of the diamond shapes that shines the most vividly. This contemporary favorite is a balance between a classic round and uniform square and comes in a variety of Clairamor engagement ring styles.

7. Marquise shaped

The marquise cut is a historically renowned and vintage-inspired shape that embodies tradition and romanticism. This gorgeous elliptical form, which combines proportion and symmetry, has strong edges that draw attention to the weight and brilliance of the diamonds. Our marquise cut engagement ring designs highlight the unique Nannette form of these diamonds for a feminine yet powerful appearance

8. Pear shaped

The Pear's teardrop shape converges into a single point while lengthening the fingers and balancing sparkling facets with a nice proportion and depth. Due to its combination of round and marquise forms as well as their symbolic teardrop shape, pear-shaped diamonds, once selected for fine jewelry instead of engagement rings, have recently grown in popularity. Our pear cut engagement rings showcase diamonds with a balance of proportion and depth due to their perfect taper.

9. Radiant shape

The Radiant blends the unrivaled brilliance of the Round Brilliant with the distinctive shape of the Emerald to create the ideal fusion of beauty and power. This design, admired for its flawless symmetry and flaming look, is the perfect center stone for any of our engagement ring settings. This distinctive cut, which has 70 brilliant-cut facets, provides the appropriate elongation and brightness, while the beveled corners increase longevity.

10. Trillion shape

The trillion cut is a contemporary diamond form that is both delicate and sharp. Our trillion cut engagement rings are eye-catching and unusual, showcasing Clairamor produced diamonds with three equal sides and faceted for brilliant fire.

Which diamond shape sparkles the most?

The Round Brilliant diamond with the most "sparkle.” Technically defined "sparkle" refers to the fire and scintillation of a diamond. The 57 facets of a Round Brilliant are highlighted by its rounded form and angled sides. Not every Round Brilliant is guaranteed to have great sparkle. The most important factor when looking for the best sparkle is finding a diamond with the best cut.
After round brilliant, ovals, pears, and marquise are regarded to have the best sparkle.

Which diamond cut looks the largest?

Comparing diamonds with the same carat weight, Emeralds, Pears, Marquise, and Ovals appears to be the longest. The illusion of having a larger diamond comes from the Elongated shape. These fancy diamond shapes are perfect if you are looking to maximize the center stone size of an engagement ring.

A Shape for Every Story

The shape of a diamond is the essence of its personality. Browse our stones to find one that matches yours.